From 50 to $1500 Reply with name and number and I will get with you as soon as possible about pricing and Arrangements and all of that thank you and have a nice day!!
ENAGIC KANGEN Portable Water Generator LeveLukR. Retails for $1,980.00. Barely used. It produces alkaline water, clears chlorine, rust, odor and impurities.
Asking $50 for the pair or $50 for cabinet and $10 for mirror
Fondue pot with wood handle forks
5 metal nut crackers
Two small brown lamps.
4 glass beer mugs
Used only once or twice. Kept in storage the rest of the time. 6 nice glasses
Brand new, in box Mainstays Adjustable 2-Tier Rolling Garment Rack. Never put together. 36.25-62 W X 19.25 D X 70.5 H Pick up in Farmington. No holds
No stains, like new. Pictures do not do it justice. It is pretty, and a soft cotton comforter.
$736- 4x6 and 5' H. for 2-8 hens http://www.ranch-coop.com/4x6-and-5-feet-tall-chicken-coop.html $1190- 4x8 and 5' H. for 2-10 hens http://www.ranch-coop.com/Coop-for-10-12-chickens.html $1480- 4x10 and 5' H. house up to 15 chickens http://www.ranch-coop.com/large-chicken-coop-.html Those nice looking windows at both ends are your "egg doors" as well. There are several window des...
*The last three Pictures are of a bigger coop that we use for our own flocks(Nine hens and 1 rooster share that coop. Those pictures is just to show you how our chickens like their coop!)* These brand new chicken coops are 6 feet by 3 feet (3 feet tall) -that's 18sq ft., houses up to 6 chickens and 4 feet by 8 feet (4 feet tall) - 32 sq ft., houses up to 12 chickens. They're all predator-...
I believe what I have is a 1961 Ford 601. Tractor runs great,decent tires,3 point PTO works great. I had the motor rebuilt roughly 200 hours ago. Brakes need a little work but overall this is a great little tractor. I used it mainly to mow my pasture. An older 5' brush mower comes with it.
I have 8500 unused acme bricks that are mostly red but some are white. Would be great for a do it yourself project: a brick mailboxes, walkways, or patios. Get them quick for the best selection. Will sell in groups of 100 or more. I will load them with my tractor if you by more than 500. 25 cents each if you pay with cash. 27 cents each if you pay with credit card Willing to negotiate if you ta...
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